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Is the i5 10th 10300h gen laptop good for gaming

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According to our experience, the single-core clock speed (or frequency), number of cores and threads, cache size, and kind of RAM it supports are the most crucial features to consider when choosing a CPU for a gaming laptop. The choice you make may also be influenced by additional factors like integrated graphics.

The Core i5-10300H laptop CPU from Intel is reviewed in this article. In order to decide whether Core i5-10300H from Intel offers the best value as a laptop gaming CPU, we compared it to alternative models. Instead of only focusing on benchmarks, we customized our testing technique to emphasize the characteristics of each CPU.

By contrasting the CPU’s characteristics, including the core types, core counts, speeds, cache capacities, overclocking potential, PCIe compatibility, and DDR support, this article aids you in making an informed choice. To enable you to compare the capabilities of various CPUs, we looked at these characteristics for each CPU. You may choose the CPU that will best meet your demands and deliver the performance you want by being aware of these crucial criteria.

It’s crucial to take your unique requirements and use case into account when choosing a CPU. For instance, single-threaded performance and fast clock rates are priorities for the majority of gamers. Let’s say, however, that we want more rendering or video editing. Then, we choose to get a CPU with a large core count and multi-core turbo boost frequency.

In order to evaluate AMD and Intel CPUs fairly, we looked into their capabilities. Your individual needs, financial situation, and top goals will ultimately determine which CPU you choose. We do, however, attempt to provide you the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice when selecting a gaming CPU for a laptop by studying the characteristics of each CPU.


Is the i5 10th 10300h gen good for gaming

Acer's newest 15.6" FHD 144 Hz IPS Nitro 5 gaming laptop, model number AN515.

company acer
Model Number AN515 Specifications Color: Obsidian Black Hard Drive: 1 TB CPU: Core i5 Family Ram Memory: 32 GB Operating System: Windows 11 Pro Special FeatureDedicated Graphics Card, High Definition Audio, Backlit Keyboard, Anti Glare Coating, Memory Card Slot, Numeric Keypad

Is the i5 10th 10300h gen good for gaming

Nitro 5 gaming laptop from Acer, 15.6" FHD, 144

10th Quad-Core Intel Core i5-10300H NVIDIA 4GB RTX 3050Ti | 16GB DDR4 512GB NVMe SSD | Wi-Fi 6 Backlit Keyboard Win 11 | TLG 32GB USB | Acer AN515 Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

Is the 10300H Good for Gaming?

You may anticipate average game performance when the laptop is good at dispersing heat or bad game performance when the heat dissipation is insufficient based on our review of utilizing Intel’s Core i5-10300H CPU for gaming. In terms of cooling capacity, the majority of laptops will lie somewhere in the middle.

We developed this performance evaluation based on the following CPU characteristics and their applicability to the most recent graphics-intensive games:

  • Performance is low with only 8 MB of L3 cache.
  • Using 4 cores results in average performance.
  • Base frequency: 2.5 GHz
  • Performance is great at 4.50 GHz single-core peak turbo boost frequency (needs adequate heat dissipation).
  • The maximum stock DDR4 speed of 2933 MHz may not provide optimal performance.
  • Performance cannot be improved by not allowing overclocking.
  • Support for PCIe 3.0 might be subpar in terms of performance (limiting the possibilities of fastest SSDs and GPUs).
  • The 10300H contains integrated graphics capabilities and an APU, which combines the CPU and GPU on a single semiconductor die. This performance evaluation, however, is predicated on the utilization of an internal or external graphics card. The latest graphics-intensive games have poor or subpar integrated graphics capability.

10300H Gaming Laptops


Intel Core i5 – 10300H 8GB Memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 256GB SSD, Obsidian Black; Acer Nitro 5 15.6″ Laptop

Is the 10300H's core count sufficient for gaming?

The performance of games that require more cores can be enhanced, although the majority of contemporary games don’t benefit from having more than 6–8 cores. Instead of focusing just on core count, we’ve found that the optimal performance comes from selecting a higher single-core boost frequency, followed by a higher multi-core boost frequency. Consider getting a CPU with additional cores if you want to boost your L3 cache because cache sizes frequently rise along with core counts.

The Core i5-10300H CPUs from Intel feature four cores.

According to our study, the 4 cores of the 10300H only provide middling performance with today’s graphically demanding games.

Is the 10300H's clock speed suitable for gaming?

We’ve found that some games require single-core performance because many don’t fully utilize multiple cores.

The best course of action for reliable gaming performance on a laptop is to get a CPU with a higher base clock speed. High base frequencies will guarantee that the laptop was built with enough cooling for the CPU. You might be able to maintain speeds close to the maximum boost frequency with excellent cooling. Laptops typically lack the necessary cooling capacity to maintain continual boost frequencies. Only under optimum conditions can turbo boost frequencies attained and maintained.

The absence of overclocking functionality in the 10300H CPU cannot improve performance with the newest graphics-intensive titles.

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